Data Science

10 Link-o-Troned in Data Science Y2W11

1. The Grammar of Data Science


2. Machine Learning Done Wrong: 7 Mistakes


3. Classifying plankton with deep neural networks


4. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Scala for Big Data


5. PostgreSQL data migration: 7 hacks you should be using


6. Reactive Machine Learning


7. [we kid you not] The Taylor Swift Data Competition


8. Before MongoDB, before Cassandra… there was Lucene


9. Using PageRank to Detect Anomalies & Fraud in Healthcare


10. Fluentd Unified Logging Layer At Fossasia


[Bonus] Big Data Shoes: dedicated to the marketing spin doctors

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Open Healthcare Data Hack, London

Calling all data scientists, hackers, dataviz people out there!

We’ve tracked down a few OPEN healthcare datasets available to citizen scientists

Let’s us show what is possible and how data science can help

Open healthcare research and data for the people!

Twitter hashtag #ohdh14

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