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Data Science London is a non-profit organization dedicated to the free, open, dissemination of data science.

We are the largest data science community in Europe.
We are more than 5,770 data scientists, data geeks, and data innovators in our community.


What we do

We are a community of data scientists, data geeks and data hackers that meets regularly to discuss data science methods, topics, tools & technologies.

We promote free, open, dissemination of data science knowledge.

We are totally independent and not affiliated to any brand or vendor.

We discuss topics like: data science, data mining, machine learning, machine intelligence, deep learning, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, NLP and statistical analysis and more….

We encourage data science peer-to-peer learning & sharing, collaboration among data scientists and data startups. We also promote open source data science tools.

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We are very active and do lots of activities:

  • Community events
  • Monthly Community Meetups
  • Data Science Hackathons
  • Data Science Collaboration Projects
  • Data Science Training and Courses at The Data Science Academy
  • Data Science R&D, see our twitter feed @ds_ldn for info on interesting data science projects


Big Data is not about data volume only is about obtaining predictive, actionable, valuable insight from complex data at scale When most people talk about Big Data, they are mainly referring to Big Data as an IT engineering problem. We call this ‘data plumbing. Data Science main concern is not ‘data plumbing.’


Data Science does not start by analysing big data. It starts by asking key business questions: What is that we don’t know? What questions have not been answered yet? What are the known unknowns? What are the known known?


The main goal of data science is to create Data Products. A Data Product is a live “machine” that learns from data iteratively, continuously and triggers actions that generate actual visible value.


Data Science is about surprising people by discovering and showing “things they didn’t know from data.” Data Science involves extracting predictive & prescriptive insight from large-scale complex data, data exploration and data discovery,… and delivering business surprise!


Data Science is not the same as Business Intelligence, Analytics, Statistical Analysis or Data Mining.


We are interested in the Practice of Data Science (DS) understood as:

  1. The ideas, concepts, and theories relative to inferring, deducting, simulating, automating, learning, recommending, or making intelligent decisions and extracting actionable, predictive, prescriptive insight from large-scale data
  2. The debate between More Data vs. Better Models
  3. The debate between Machine Learning vs. Domain Expertise
  4. The tools, technologies, and skills needed to deliver predictive, actionable insight from large-scale data
  5. The methods and processes needed to create data products that deliver actual business value
  6. The business case of data science as an immediate driver of positive business impact and growth
  7. The skills and knowledge gaps between “traditional” data analysts & BI roles, and developers, and the “emerging” Data Scientist role
  8. The new kind of information insight paradigm as an enhancement, complement or replacement of ‘traditional analytical’ models


Our mission and group values are:

  • Free dissemination of Data Science
  • Free debate, discussion, and forum of ideas
  • We like to meet new people to share our experiences and points of view
  • Building a community of Data Scientists
  • Passionate about Data Science
  • We are technology agnostic
  • We are vendor independent
  • We promote Open Source and Open Data
  • We welcome sponsors as long as they agree not to pitch their products and agree not to use our community brand for commercial purposes

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