How I Survived Data Science London Hackathon. Lessons Learned

So in case you didn’t know on April 28th & 29th we run the Data Science Global Hackathon. Fun!

The event was organised by Data Science London, Data Science Global, and Kaggle. EMC/Greenplum provided software tools including: Greenplum Base, Greenplum Hadoop Distribution, MADlib, and Greenplum PL/R. Amazon AWS provided S3 and EC2 cloud services. The venue provided 100Mbps and 12 super high speed Wi-FI routers, and cable access.

212 data scientists from several cities around the world participated in the competition. The event took place at 8 venues in London, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York, Canberra, Melbourne, Turku (Helsinki)

Take a look at the map of participants and cities: Data Science Global Hackathon Map

The event in London was hosted at HubWestminster @hubwestminster; a beautiful, spacious, modern startup hub that has everything you may possibly dream of for a hackathon. We love this place and we’ll be doing more events here (Hello Alice!)

We also had delicious quality meals (lunch/dinner/breakfast), unlimited drinks, coffee, and massive amounts of sugary snacks. The catering was delivered by the beautiful young ladies @munchfood (Hello Naomi!)

At certain point during the long night, Data Science London data scientists decided to donate food to several charities and shelters. It was a nasty, windy, and rainy night in London!

Very importantly the event was fun, fun, fun!

Congratulations to the winners!

SPECIAL MENTION to Ben Hamner who finished Top 1 out of 212 contestants, and who is ineligible for the prize since he’s a Kaggle employee.

Global Prize – £1,800: James Petterson

London Prize £1,200: The Londoners Team (Dan Harvey, Ferenc Huszar, Jedidiah Francis, Jose Miguel Fernandez Lobato)

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