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What is Data Science London?

Data Science London is a non-profit organization dedicated to the free, open, dissemination of data science.

Our members are 381 data scientists and data geeks.

Data Science London is a community of data scientists that meets regularly to discuss the tools, methods and technologies used by many startups to analyse large scale data (big data), extract knowledge from it, and exploit business opportunities from data products.

Our members research and discuss data science topics like: big data analytics, distributed data analytics, Pig, data mining, machine learning, Mahout, scalable data analytics, predictive analytics, Cascalog, heuristics, statistical computing, R language, Clojure, Incanter, big data visualisation, mass text mining, NLP, large scale analytical paradigms, data science opportunities & challenges, data science learning & training…

Our mission and group values are:

  • Free dissemination of Data Science
  • Building a community of Data Scientists
  • Passionate about Data Science
  • We are technology agnostic
  • We are vendor independent
  • We promote Open Source
  • We welcome sponsors as long as they agree not to pitch their products

Check out the speakers and talks in our meeting on 22/02/12

  1. Data Mining 250 million Tweets a Day. Paul Gesiak, Data Scientist @Datasift, on what to do with massive amounts of Twitter data.
  2. A, T, C, G and you: Introducing the New Genomics. Matt Wood, Tech Evangelist @AmazonWS, on data science and bioinformatics.
  3. Oyster Card: Data Mining 90 million Daily Journeys. Neal Lathia, Data Scientist @UniversityofCambridge, on how data mining can help to reduce commuting costs.
  4. Human Cloning: The Data Scientist Bottleneck Resolved. Alex Farquhar, Data Scientist @Forward, on the scarcity of data scientists, and how data scientists can maximise their output.
  5. Telling Stories about People and Their Influence. Ferenc Huszár, Data Scientist @PeerIndex, on how to apply data science in the social web.

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